Southern California Kiteboarding Association – Striving to promote the positive growth of kiteboarding in our designated area through advocating kiteboarding safety, promoting a positive image, working to maintain beach and waterway access, and maintaining a membership that is unified and aware of its issues.

Recent News

  • 2019 General Scholarship - 2018 Lifeguard Scholarship

    We just finished posting this year’s 2019 General Scholarship! I could not be more proud! A BIG thanks to this year’s scholarship comittee and the SCKA board of Directors!

    We are making great strides to help those who pull us out of the water and partner with us to keep the beaches safer and accessable for all. There will be 1 scholarship totaling $5,000 for local lifeguards.

    Applications are due October 18th, so Please help share with any lifeguard you know could use the extra assistance paying for Books or Tuition.

    The application form can be found here: SCKA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2019

    Any questions, please email: wrfscholarships@gmail.com

  • 2018 Kite Expo - 2018 Kiteboard Expo


    Register for the 2018 Kite Expo Demo and Dinner at http://www.windridersfoundation.com/demo-gear.html

    1 Claremont Pl, Long Beach, California, 90803

  • A New Website - Updates for the SCKA website and some camera work


    Dan, Martin, and Dwayne got together to do some well needed updates to the scka.org website and camera.

    The content was migrated from an old tomcat site to a new wordpress site which will make ongoing maintenance much easier.

    The camera requires “transcoding” to convert the Camera RSTP stream to a stream suitable for websites and this was being performed using a Windows laptop which was unreliable. A small Raspberry Pi now performs this function.

    Now we have a stable website platform, we will be more proactive on content and site updates.

    We will continue to monitor the camera to confirm stability for the upcoming 2018 season.