Kite Beaches


Lessons are required before attempting kiting as kites have the capability of lifting and throwing an inexperienced kiter across the beach and into obstacles.

Obtain lessons and certification from certified instructors before attempting kiting. When visiting a beach and other kiters are not present, likely conditions are unsuitable for kiting.

Advanced kiting sites are dangerous to novice kiters, and novice kiters pose a risk to the general public who may be present.

Kiting boarding requires skills in kite flying, board riding, and a realtime assessment of site, wind, waves, swell, and tides.

As an experienced kiter visiting a new site, always talk to local kiters first.

The following is a list of popular kite beaches across Southern California…

  • Zuma Beach -   Very onshore but nice long sandy beach to do down wind runs when learning and great onshore pound waves and chop when advanced. Large surf and rip tides can make Zuma very hazardous. As Zuma can get thousands and thousands of people on a summers day, launching is prohibited for most of the summer unless the … Continue reading "Zuma Beach"
  • Torrance -   Preliminary Kiteboarding Rules for Torrance Beach (Submitted to Lifeguards for Additional Input) Use these guidelines established with the cooperation of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and SCKA members. Riding Restrictions (violations may result in citations) Kite leashes are mandatory. Hands Free Spinning Leash Information here No riding within 200 feet of shore, unless launching … Continue reading "Torrance"
  • Topanga Beach -   Topanga is an advanced kiteboarding beach. It has become very crowded as it is the closest spot to the City with a good thermal wind in the right direction. Very rocky launch can eat toes and equipment. The beach is extremely narrow with more dog doo than rocks, and a palm tree that has … Continue reading "Topanga Beach"
  • Leo Carillo -   As the crowds have increased every summer, the several year old rules about launching only after 5 pm on weekdays with the lifeguard’s OK, is in daily effect. On very windy days when the beach is clear of beach goers the guards may allow launch earlier.  Weekends are very crowded and launch can be prohibited, or with … Continue reading "Leo Carillo"
  • Cabrillo -   SCKA DOES NOT recommend kiting @ Cabrillo Cabrillo winds are EXTREMELY GUSTY. There are big, jagged rocks directly downwind of the launching/landing & riding areas. Both areas are small, so they quickly get crowded. Contact Mel at for assistance. For your own enjoyment & safety, as well as that of other area users, … Continue reading "Cabrillo"
  • Huntington City Beach - Huntington City Beach Kitesurfing Guidelines   For continued enjoyment of kitesurfing in Huntington Beach, the Southern California Kitesurfing Association (SCKA) has drafted the following self imposed rules that all riders are asked to respect in the interest of keeping this area open to all of us. All kitesurfers are welcome to attend SCKA meetings and … Continue reading "Huntington City Beach"
  • San Diego - Various kiteboarding locations across San Diego. Sail Bay is marked...
  • Seal Beach - Advanced Kiteboarding Beach... You must be able to stay upwind, and return to your starting point before riding here.
  • Sunset Beach - An advanced kiteboarding site....
  • Belmont Shore - Beginner Kiteboarding Beach... The most popular kiting beach in Southern California due to a strong thermal flow blowing in from the Ocean through to the desert during warmer months...