Lessons are a very important aspect when learning how to kitesurf. Lessons will keep Kiting safe for you, fellow kiters and beach goers. It is also key to keeping accidents to a minimum which helps maintian our current level of beach access.

A kite school is an IKO School (known as IKO Affiliated Center or IKO Center) when 100% of their instructors are certified IKO, and the same for PASA, in addition they submit an application and fees to IKO/PASA to be approved for this honor. Worldwide there are 138 IKO centers and about 12 PASA schools.

The onus is on the prospective student to verify instructor certification – If the instructor is not certified then likely they don’t carry liability insurance for the location they are instructing at. There is a special case where new instructors have the opportunity to teach students, but this would be conduced under the onsite supervision and direction of an IKO/PASA examiner.

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Belmont Shore, Long Beach Lessons

The City of Long Beach has established a Kitesurfing concession contract with several schools to operate at Belmont Shore. All instructors must be PASA or IKO Certified and follow those procedures as governed by that certification. The schools themselves do not need to be PASA or IKO schools, but their instructors require PASA or IKO Certification.

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