The Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization (ID# 68-0515707) striving to promote the positive growth of kiteboarding in our designated area through advocating kiteboarding safety, promoting a positive image, working to maintain beach and waterway access, and maintaining a membership that is unified and aware of its issues. Annual membership is free, but may be revoked or denied at anytime and for any reason.

The SCKA is currently run as a Club — donations are welcome to pay for the site administration etc. but are not tax deductible. The SCKA maintains close contact with the Hawaii Kiteboarding Association (HKA), the San Diego Kiteboarding Association (SDKA), the Malibu / Ventura Kiteboarding Association, lifeguards and other water users in our area.

Contact Information
SCKA Directors and General Information:

A membership driven organization to support the needs of kiteboarders in Southern California.

1. Keep the beaches and waterways safe and open to kiteboarding
a. Develop rules and guidelines as a community
b. Work with the government agencies, cities, residents, and kiters to maintain and improve access for kiteboarding, and develop outreach programs to educate and promote the sport
c. Self police and enforce the rules and guidelines
2. Create a community of kiteboarders
a. Utilize the SCKA website to disseminate information, provide a forum to share ideas, resources and expertise, and to manage and drive SCKA.
b. Provide support and resources to the members to allow them to achieve their initiatives
c. Create a unified front to set a positive image for the sport
d. Help and support fellow kiters
e. Organize social, fun and educational activities (Down winders, BBQ/parties, races, trips, swap meets, demo days, skills clinics, etc.)
3. Give back to the community
a. Inform the public and visiting kiteboarders
b. Support the businesses, people and organizations that supports us
c. Create a positive image for our sport